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Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Parish
North Attleborough, Massachusetts

Saint Mary Parish and Sacred Heart Parish
Faith Formation Office

14 Park Street
North Attleborough, Massachusetts 02760
Telephone: (508) 695-3823       Facsimile: (508) 695-5248

Mrs. Elaine Corvese – Director of Religious Education Grades 1-8
Mrs. Linda Nolin – Confirmation Formation Coordinator


At Baptism, parents accept the responsibility of being the first teachers of their children in the Faith. Our Faith Formation Program is designed to augment and assist parents in this very important role. Faith Formation is an on-going process, begun in childhood, that continues throughout our lives.

The title "Faith Formation," expresses the belief that formation in our Catholic Faith is more than just "education," facts and figures learned from a book. While these are important and necessary, our Faith is also celebrated - weekly - in the prayer life of the parish community. At Sunday Mass, we are nourished and challenged by the Word of God that is preached and the Body and Blood of Jesus that is shared. Our Catholic Faith is also lived at home and in the wider community. Here, our beliefs and values are put into practice on a daily basis.  We are all formed in the Faith in each of these components: class, Mass, and home.

Grades 1 - 6

We follow a curriculum approved by the Diocese of Fall River and a text book series entitled “Finding God” published by Loyola Press, A Jesuit Ministry. A scope and sequence chart is available for each grade level.

Grade 2 - Reconciliation & Eucharist Formation

There is a two year preparation for each Sacrament. Children in grade 2 continue to prepare for their Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Weekly classes are augmented with Sacramental books. Children attending Catholic Elementary Schools do not attend faith formation classes. They are required to register in the program, attend two meetings with their parents and attend two rehearsals. Reconciliation is celebrated individually according to a set calendar.

Grades 7 - 8

As young people approach the adolescent years, learning needs change.  To help address this, the format for our middle school Faith Formation uses a youth ministry model.  Classes are held once a month, on Sunday or Monday evenings, facilitated by Fr. Costa.  Adults serve as small group leaders.  Students are also introduced to Christian service through various parish projects.

Grade 9 - Confirmation Formation 

High school age youth complete their Christian Initiation in the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Confirmation is usually celebrated in the Spring of the ninth grade.  The date for Confirmation is set by the Bishop's Office.  Confirmation formation is held monthly according to a set calendar.  Candidates are expected to participate in Christian service projects and a Confirmation Retreat.  A sponsor and a Confirmation name are chosen by each candidate. 

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults 

Adults are welcomed into the Catholic Faith through the RCIA process.  A separate team assists in the preparation of our adult candidates.  Adult baptism and profession of Faith normally occur during the Easter Vigil each year.  For more information concerning the RCIA, please consult the link on the main page of this website.

Adult Faith Formation 

Adult Faith Formation opportunities covering a wide range of topics are offered between the two downtown parishes throughout the year.  In addition, formation for liturgical ministries and parish ministries are offered at various times.


Current student registration is done by mail during the last month of classes. If you are new to the program or have a new first grade student you should contact the faith formation office to register with the coordinator. A copy of each child’s baptism certificate is required at registration. All families must be registered in the parish in order to register for class.

Registration Fee

In order to provide quality resources for our catechists and students, we ask our families to assist with some of the financial needs of the program. If families have difficulty meeting the registration fee, they are asked to please contact the Faith Formation Office.

Registration fee:

  • One child: $50.00
  • Two children: $70.00
  • Three of more: $90.00
  • Grade 2: $60.00 per student
  • Grade 9: $50.00 per student
  • Grade 7 & 8: $40.00 per student

**Multiple child discount does not apply to grades 2, 7, 8 & 9.



2016-2017 Grades 1-2 Schedule (PDF)

Calendar of Classes - Grade 7 (PDF)

Calendar of Classes - Grade 8 (PDF)

Calendar of Classes - Grade 9 (PDF)


The Diocese of Fall River, in compliance with the Dallas Charter approved by the United States Catholic Bishops, has implemented an Abuse Prevention program for all clergy, lay ecclesial ministers, and employees. All adults, age 17 and older, who work with children must attend a training session, sign a Code of Conduct, and complete a criminal investigation background check. The CORI form and Code of Conduct form are completed each year.

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